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  • Alfresco - Sells a moisturiser containing a natural insect repellant.
  • All Terrain - Sells their own line of sun protection and insect protection products and soothing rubs.
  • Deerfly Patches - Sells a cap patch to ward off deer flies.
  • Deetfree.ca - Offers DEET free insect repellents based upon soybean oil and catnip: international sales and distribution; includes directory or retail stores.
  • Eureka Midge Repellent - Manufactures and sells a midge repellent in a variety of packages. Includes information about the product and the company plus online buying.
  • Evergreen Products - Offers Bug Button insect repellent and hand care products for gardeners.
  • Fly Fright - Sells a bag designed to keep flies away. Includes information about the company and its product and online ordering.
  • Mosquito Finito - Sells a mosquito repellent made from citronella oil.
  • Pierson Labs, Inc. - Sells Chigg Away, designed to repel chiggers. Includes information about chiggers.


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