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  • Aspen Barn - Custom made hiking sticks in the Southwest tradition.
  • B-J Marketers & Assoc. - Offers walking sticks, shillelagh, and rain and snake sticks crafted from tree branches.
  • Bob's Stickmaking Pages - Traditional and not-so-traditional hand-crafted walking sticks in wood, horn and antler made by Bob Goddard in Bedfordshire, UK.
  • Caledonian Sticks - Retails walking sticks, canes, crooks and wading sticks, with hazel or blackthorn shanks and custom handles; price and shipping quote provided after specifications are provided.
  • Country Canes - Hand-carved country canes and custom designed walking sticks made from Florida oak.
  • Crowsticks - Handcrafted, custom-made walking sticks made of sugar maple with solid brass handles, and hiking staffs.
  • D. G. Farrar & Co. - Offers traditional, horn handled country sticks and formal canes, hand-crafted in Scotland.
  • Diamond Willow Sticks - Finished and unfinished sticks made from diamond willow wood. Includes details about the making of sticks and canes.
  • Expressions in Wood - Original hand carved walking sticks, relief carving and sculpture by Vancouver Island artist and woodcarver, Terran.
  • Fox Ridge Vineyards - Hardwood hiking sticks with rubber tips, made by Midwestern USA craftsmen.
  • Kentucky Walking Sticks - Offers walking and hiking sticks made by Eastern Kentucky folk artists.
  • Mount Benson Walking Sticks - Offers walnut and black ash walking and hiking sticks made in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Ramblerstick - Handcrafted, one-piece wooden walking sticks carved in the shape of British wild animals and birds.
  • Steve Barrett Stickmaker - Commissioned individually hand made walking and working sticks in wood, bone and horn.
  • Steve's Walking Sticks - Sell a variety of homemade walking sticks made from native sassafras trees. Also fills custom orders.
  • Walking Cane Depot - Supplies walking canes and sticks and accessories in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.
  • Walking Sticks by John Marsh - Handcarved walking sticks and crooks made mostly with materials gathered locally on the Isle of Mull.
  • White Mountain Cane Company - Distributes flashlight, adjustable aluminum, wooden and folding canes, along with walking and hiking sticks.
  • Wilson Staffs Walking Sticks - Custom canes and sticks hand carved in cherry, handles with pet and wildlife designs.
  • Wupen Sticks - Diamond willow and many other types of walking and hiking sticks and canes, some with intricate patterns.


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