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  • ACME Climbing - Supplier of carabiners, protection, harnesses, climbing shoes, and ropes. Offers packages and specials.
  • Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking - Mountaineering supplies including snow and ice protection, crampons, axes, altimeters, boots, skis, and general outdoor supplies. Gear list and training tips for Denali, Alaska.
  • Alpenglowgear.com - Harnesses, carabiners, sewn gear, climbing ropes, bouldering pads, and general rock climbing gear. Information on sponsored AMGA guides.
  • Altrec - Supplies general outdoor gear as well as climbing shoes, helmets, protection, harnesses and ropes. Photos and articles, e-cards, trip planner.
  • Bent Gate Mountaineering - Provides skis, climbing protection, helmets, ropes, bouldering gear, harnesses, ice and snow climbing equipment, climbing shoes, mountaineering boots, and general outdoor equipment. Rentals and demos, store in Golden, Colorado.
  • Bittersweet - Manufacturer of quality climbing and bouldering gear.
  • Bittersweet Gear - Offers climbing harnesses, helmets, shoes, protection, and accessories as well as water sport gear and general outdoor gear.
  • Black Dome Mountain Sports - Offers rock climbing protection packages. Information about the store in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • Bouldering Pads - Sells crash pads made by a variety of manufacturers. Also offers holds, hangboards, and shoe resoling via mail to El Paso, Texas.
  • BoulderingGear.com - Supplier of crash pads, climbing shoes, and bouldering accessories. Image gallery.
  • Chamonix 3S - Equipment for rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, avalanche safety, and adventure travel.
  • Climb On - Adventure rock climbing guides and complete outdoor equipment sales.
  • Climbers Supply - Offers equipment such as ropes, headlamps, chalk, chalk bags, and outdoor gear.
  • DPClimb - Store located in Madrid, Spain. Sells a limited selection of boots and rock shoes.
  • GearExpress.com - Online ordering, including ice gear and holds. Packages.
  • Gendarme Online - Sells climbing gear, ropes and cordage, helmets, harnesses, shoes, and accessories. Links to area information for Seneca Rocks, West Virginia.
  • High On Ropes - Climbing rope specialists. Includes a climbing rope glossary and a rope selector tool to help visitors choose the correct rope.
  • Horns Jewelry - Sells gold and silver climbing jewelry and accessories.
  • International Mountain Equipment - Mountain gear, including rentals and consignment. Information about the owner.
  • Jeejo Climbing - Offering assorted climbing gear, links to Tasmanian climbing sites.
  • Joe Brown - Gear for walking, rock climbing,and mountaineering. Biography of Joe Brown. Two stores in Snowdonia, Wales.
  • K & R Adventure Gear - Protection, carabiners, harnesses, alpine and ice tools, aid gear. Store located in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
  • Link Up Gear - General climbing gear including aid gear, challenge course hardware, and ice gear.
  • Mazai: Custom Chalk Bags - Chalk bags in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op - General mountain gear. Information about the Board of Directors, news and events, rentals.
  • The Mountain Factor - Offers climbing equipment, mountaineering gear and accessories. Shop in Ambleside, UK.
  • Mountain Tools - Rock, alpine, aid, bouldering, ice, and rescue equipment. Image gallery, wish list, dealer information.
  • MountainStore - Climbing gear, image gallery, weather, technical information.
  • Needle Sports - Gear for rock and ice climbing. Information on climbing in the Lakes District including Bird Restrictions. Links page.
  • Northwall Gear Shop - Store located in Crystal Lake, Illinois sells hardware and software plus books, clothing, and accessories.
  • Oregon Mountain Community - Offering gear for rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and general mountain travel. Store located in Portland, Oregon.
  • The Outdoor Gear Exchange - Climbing gear including aid gear and ice gear. Buys and sells used gear offline. Store located in Burlington, Vermont.
  • Outside - Climbing and mountaineering gear. Stores in Llanberis, Hathersage, and Sheffield, UK.
  • Patroller Supply - Offers mountain rescue gear and backcountry search and rescue equipment such as static rope, harness, lanyards, and rope grabs.
  • Pro Mountain Sports - Selection of mountain climbing gear. Store located in Seattle, Washington.
  • Rock and Run - Climbing and mountaineering gear and accessories. Stores in Sheffield and Ambleside, UK.
  • Shoreline Mountain Products - Climbing gear and accessories, including aid and ice gear. Catalog request. Packages.
  • Slackline Express - Includes kits and accessories.
  • Think Mountain - Mountaineering and outdoor gear. Store in Leon, Spain.
  • Trango - Trango products. Dealer and event information.
  • W-Trek Outfitters - Climbing and camping gear. Information about climbing in the Duluth area.
  • Yosemite Mountain Shop - Limited selection of aid gear. Souvenirs.


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