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Sites :

  • Anthony's Board Building Links - How to design, build, and repair windsurfers and surfboards.
  • ASP World Tour - Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT). Features photo archive, events calendar, qualifying series, women's, junior's and master's events calendar, along with longboard, and surfing on tv schedule.
  • Big Friday - Surfing weekends in Cornwall - Organises surfing weekends for landlocked surfers in London. Offers return travel on the Surf Bus, accommodation to suit all budgets and tuition for all levels of experience.
  • Bodysurfing and Paipoboarding in Hawaii - Includes information about the hawaiian art of paipo boarding and bodysurfing.
  • Boreriders - The Severn Bore Riders Club describes its activities. Includes videos and details about the Mascaret, Pororoca, Severn, and Turnagain bores.
  • Brothers Neilsen Surf Centre - Portal aimed to bring together a range of quality resources for surfers and bodyboarders the world over.
  • Edison Surf Team - Team from Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California. Includes team information, news, photos, sponsors, and an alumni section.
  • Interactive Surfboard Shaper - Allows clients to shape and design surfboards online and save designs to personal online folder.
  • JellyFish Productions - A collection of surfing photos, mostly from the San Diego area.
  • La Jolla Surfing Picture Gallery - A large collection of surfing photos taken on La Jolla beaches.
  • Noosa Surf - Gallery of photographs of amateur surfers around Noosa, Queensland, Australia.
  • Pink Lava - Information about the club providing assistance for female surfers.
  • Powerboarding.com - Features information on the powered board revolution in surfboards, with additional information on skateboards, snowboards, and hoverboards.
  • Prickett Films - Produces videos of radical surfers, underwater, climbing and adventure seekers. Based in Hawaii.
  • Surfgear - Consumer ratings of wetsuits, surfboards, and anything to do with surfing.
  • Surfing Pictures - Surfing photos from New Zealand and the rest of the world.
  • Surfing Waves - Offers a beginners guide, surfing lessons, equipment and clothing resources, pictures, accessories and surf terminology.
  • Surfinside.com - A Surf Portal for collaborating on the sport. Includes directory of surf companies, travel places, stories, surf related pictures, member submission, surf reports/postings by region.
  • SurfTrader - Interactive marketplace and resource for surfing-related collectibles, art and history.
  • Surf-X-Change - A surfing community site with forum and chat, spots, waves, and camps.
  • Taiwan Surfpage - A guide to surfing in Taiwan, including photos, weather links, recommended reading, and a Chinese surfing phrasebook.
  • T-board Surf and Swim - Homepage of the T-board, includes the wave-riding sports pictionary, pictures of surfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing.
  • Vagabondsurf - Essays, articles, and photos covering all aspects of ocean wave riding and the related lifestyle, for people outside the surf industry's 12-24 year old target demographic.
  • Waimea - Contains images, Quick Time videos, surfing links, and the latest news about surfing competitions and surfers.
  • WannaSurf - Illustrated atlas of surf spots worldwide with weather, wind, swell, and wave forecast maps. Add your own descriptions of surf spots and photographs to the atlas.
  • Wind, Waves, Wipeouts - Windsurfing and surfing pictures combining wind, waves, and wipeouts.


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