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Sites :

  • California Underground Online Exhibits - An overview of the formation of caves, cave conservation, photography and wildlife together with local educational resources. Diagrams, pictures and slide shows.
  • Cave and Karst Terminology - An extensive glossary of speleological terms from the Australian Speleological Federation.
  • Caves and Caving in the UK - Information on the main caving regions, advice for the beginner and experienced caver together with links to organisations.
  • The Caving Pages - An introduction to caving, cave types and conservation together with links to many caves and organisations around the world.
  • Caving.Org.UK - Advice, information and links for UK-based cavers and mine explorers. Gear, clubs, weather, news, weil's disease.
  • Caving.UK - Essential information for the UK caver. Weather forecast, clubs, advice, accommodation, diary of events, find a caver.
  • Ozcavers Mailing List - Aiming to get cavers communicating with each other on a regular basis about all matters caving.
  • Speleolabs - Apres-cave lifestyle enhancement. Pictures, chat, news, a different outlook on the sport of caving.
  • Speleomania - Includes caving discussion forums, news, views and resources.
  • The Virtual Cave - A wide-ranging introduction to the geology of caves. Organised by geological feature with pictures and clickable virtual maps.
  • The Weil's Disease Information Center - Advice for the caving and medical community on Leptospira Bacterium including symptoms and treatment.


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