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Sites :

  • American Trailblazers - Photos from the author's 4x4 and prospecting vacations.
  • Corey's Stuff - Covers fireams, outdoor experiences, dutch oven cooking, hunting, and leathercraft. Includes a bulletin board, photos and a guest book.
  • Cyber Mountain Goats - Hiking and mountaineering trip reports and photos from Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, and other California mountains.
  • Dan Eckstrom's Stuff - Maps, descriptions, photos of various hiking trails in Ithaca, Tompkins County, New York. Provides an extensive collection of wildflower photographs.
  • Dan's Washington Outdoor Adventures - Includes experiences, stories and tips about boating, hunting, swimming, skiing, shooting, off roading, sightseeing, wildlife, archery, cooking, shopping links and wallpaper downloads.
  • The Edge - Learn about scuba diving physics and physiology, parachuting courses, earning jump wings, and rappelling.
  • Hadrian - Photos of Mount Etna and Stromboli erupting plus other photos.
  • Harris, Mark - Skiing, kayaking and climbing trip reports with photos from around Uppsala, Sweden.
  • Heather and Scott's Adventures - Pictures from the authors' road trip, including hiking and snowboaring in the western United States.
  • JasonBooth.com - Photos of camping, backpacking, and fishing in Florida, Ontario, and the mid-western and western US states.
  • Jean - About the author's climbing and fishing experiences, including photos and equipment recommendations.
  • Jenny Corry and Desiree Hancock - Includes the authors' perspectives on women in snowboarding, skiing, and climbing.
  • Kim and Morgan Brown's Outdoor Adventures - Features North American rock climbing, backcountry skiing, hiking, backpacking, and photographs.
  • LdyBearcat - Photos and articles from the author involving hunting and fishing.
  • Linus - About the author's favorite hobbies, including mountaineering, rock climbing, adventure sports and photography.
  • Lynden Huggins' Outdoor world - Features hunting and fishing articles, tips, information about gear, photos, quotes and links from a life-long sportsman.
  • Martinsnest - Information about cycle rides, old buildings and Mediterranean travel. Includes photos. From Staffordshire, UK.
  • Matt, Maren, Bryden and Gavin - Family pictures plus hiking and climbing in the Pacific Northwest.
  • McDonald, Pete - Information about the author's book Climbing Lessons - Inside Outdoor Education and writings on outdoor risk management.
  • Mills, James - About his past and future plans as an outdoor equipment sales representative.
  • Mirolka - Climbing and hiking stories and photos.
  • Norcen, Roland - Photos of climbing and paragliding in Austria.
  • Outdoors with Dave Richey - By a retired staff outdoor writer and photographer from The Detroit News. Features stories about hunting and fishing, book reviews, muskie tips, calendar, photos, personal thoughts, Kay's recipes and contact information.
  • Pankratz, Adam - Covering snowmobiling, scuba diving, wildlife photography, and wolves.
  • Tracking Leaves - Personal accounts of the naturalist experience, including nature writing, animal tracking, and photography. Users can sign up for a free journal.
  • weird-harold.com - Hunting and fly fishing enthusiast in the northern part of Germany shares his adventures and offers advice. Includes links, photos and contact information.
  • Wightman, Bob - Accounts and photos from biking, climbing, and running, primarily in the United Kingdom.


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